What does the SSN do?

The SSN are a syntropic enterprise aiming to enhance all things we touch.  Our framework is a three-pillar approach:

  • Educate – educating for Sustainability
  • Connect – building partnerships
  • Imagine – being future-focused

The ‘connect’ pillar is central to educating and being future-focused.  We spend a great deal of our time communicating with our community through social media, emails, our website, and LinkedIn.  The SSN regularly meet with schools and organisations to learn about their work and share our knowledge.  Our SSN Member Program is built on working together and sharing resources and although it aims to educate it is as much about developing the social contracts to enable impact.

To the SSN the ‘educate’ pillar is about reimagining education.  We do this through our annual national Sustainability Symposium, our Connecting Regional Queensland Summits, and our Sustainable Schools Network Journal.  We also have planned a number of continuing professional development resources to assist schools with getting started and embedding sustainability in the curriculum.

A key component of EfS is being future-focused, as together we ‘imagine’ what a sustainable future looks like.  With this in mind we are working externally with our Founding Partners and a Higher Education Advisory Group to stay informed of best placed and new research.  We also know internally we need to design an organisation that reflects new operating models and systems as we emerge into a syntropic world.