SSN Journal (Issue 18) – Justine Dillon, Agora School, 7-Eleven and more

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Gympie East – Green and proud of it!

by Zela Bissett (AAEE Member and SSN Friend) As a member of the Australian Association for Environmental Education, I am always excited to see schools succeeding in embedding the cross-curriculum priority of environmental sustainability. That is why, when I was asked to speak at Gympie East State School on Friday February 5 and present the […]

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Our Future and Our Finances

These are the types of questions we explore on any given day in Commerce and Geography lessons. The discussions provide an interesting contrast from one class to the next, and are occasionally incongruous. At times I feel like the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of my school, part David Attenborough, part Richard Branson, albeit, less […]

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2020 Sustainability Symposium

Exploring the impact of the Sustainable Schools Network in Education for Sustainability. Read the Sustainability Symposium Industry Report June 2020 for more information. 2020 Sustainability Symposium Highlights PURPOSE #1 EMPOWERING YOUTH TO BE THE LEADERS REQUIRED FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE PURPOSE #2 DEVELOPING A COMMON LANGUAGE REGARDING THE CONCEPT ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ PURPOSE #3 ADDRESSING THE 11TH AND 16TH […]

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